MakeIN’Africa you won’t  miss !

The Prize has been created from the desire to identify, support and distribute the realisation of innovative technological solutions for accessing energy, for supporting a circular economy and energy efficiency in Africa, which will improve the quality of life.


The aim of the Contest is to support those who, in line with the philosophy of the Maker community, have been able to grasp a concrete need, orienting their ingenuity towards a solution that, at the sole discretion of the evaluation committee, has achieved a clear success of merit. Projects will be selected to leverage the circular economy, intended as a reduction of the environmental impact and consumption of raw materials and environmental sustainability with a view to reducing the emission of CO2 and pollutants.

To whom it is addressed

Participation is open to persons of legal age residing in African countries. All legal entities, based in African countries, with the exclusion of universities (public and private), research institutions or institutions (public and private), are admitted to participate.

How to apply

To take part in the Contest it is necessary to submit your application, by September 10 2018, to the following link: The projects submitted to Call for Maker 2018 at Maker Faire Rome will automatically take part.

What you can win

  • 1 hospitality package (Intercontinental flight to Rome, accommodation and board) during the Maker Faire Rome 2018 provided by Eni with a maximum value of Euro 15,000.00 (Euro fifteen thousand/00) and up to a maximum of Euro 5,000 (Euro three thousand/00) per person.
  • 1 boot in a dedicated area of Maker Faire Rome to allow the winners to exhibit their technology, provided by Maker Faire Rome.

Jury panel

Riccardo Po’ for  “Energie rinnovabili”

Massimo Barbieri for  “Sviluppo tecnologico applicativo”

Cosimo Imperiale for  “Continuous Improvement ed Economia circolare”

Massimiliano Colella for Maker Faire Rome  “General director Innova Camera”

Alessandro Ranellucci for  Maker Faire Rome “Co-Curator”

Terms and conditions

Read the regulation 


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