SIXXI Games: serious games to understand Structural Engineering

contribution”, funded in 2012 by an ERC Advanced Grant (P.I. Sergio Poretti, Tullia Iori; SIXXI research disclosed the existence of an Italian School of Engineering with truly original features. Italian Engineering was strongly influenced by the “humanistic” culture in which the country is steeped. This influence can be observed in a few evident effects: the particular relationship between engineers and architects; a diffuse “historicism”; a special sensitivity towards figurative aspects, in particular those of Futurism; and a marked “sense of industrial design”. However beyond the humanism related to Italy’s cultural history, there is also a humanism that persisted in world of labour, inherent to exquisitely craft-based practices, that continued to be use to create large structures. Those peculiar traits have made Italian engineering (particularly in the 1950s and 1960s) the most famous and popular across the globe. SIXXI Games synthetically embodied those original traits, with the aims to raise knowledge and awareness of the value of the “Made in Italy” structural heritage and to trigger STEM disciplines in young students.

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Domenica 14 Ottobre
Dalle 17.00 alle 17.30
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SIXXI Games: serious games to understand Structural Engineering

Tullia Iori & Ilaria Giannetti

Tullia Iori & Ilaria Giannetti, engineering historians, principal investigator and senior researcher for the SIXXI Project ( Coordinator of SIXXI3DLab research unit at University of Rome Tor Vergata. Co-founder of SIXXIFactory.

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