Empowering Kids Learning Through Augmented Reality

The way we teach today is not relevant for their tomorrow. Kids immerse in learning when school subjects come to “Life”

The topic is focused on disrupting the education sector helping it to move from the analog age to complying with kids 21st-century learning demands by adopting most innovative Augmented Reality STEM-oriented EdTech resources as a supplementary material for teaching.

Presentation about the importance of the use of emerging technologies for education as one the main steps to move education from analog age and catch up with industry revolution 4.0.

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Venerdì 12 Ottobre
Dalle 14.45 alle 16.00
Room 21 Sala Minerva pav. 10
Empowering Kids Learning Through Augmented Reality

Brittany Petrilli

Brittany Petrilli is a business development associate at CleverBooks Ltd. Brittany has worked in education as both a teacher and administrator for over six years, has a Master's degree in Cultural Management, and is passionate about advancing education for future generations.

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