Food Alchemist Lab

Workshop dedicato alla introduzione della nutraceutica attraverso l’Ecosistema SHILIAO.BO. Tra una piccola presentazione teorica su quello che è la nutraceutica e SHILIAO.BO si realizzerà una dimostrazione pratica di come applicare a casa la fermentazione ed acqua aromatizzata come metodologia di trasformazione della materia prima, con attenzione agli scarti che si generano all’interno della stessa. Fermentazione: Kombucha e Sottaceti// Acqua Aromatizzata: Energetica, Antiossidante, Vitaminica...

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Sabato 13 Ottobre
Dalle 16.00 alle 17.00
Domes Food Tech pav. 4
Food Alchemist Lab

Francesco Dell'Onze, José de la Rosa Moròn

Francesco Dell'Onze
Graduated in agricultural sciences and technologies at University of Bari "Aldo Moro", master's degree in plant biotechnology at the ''Alma Mater Studiorum'' The University of Bologna. Extensive knowledge of the crop sector of medicinal plants with particular attention to the most innovative aspects of the techniques of cultivation and production, extraction and processing of essential oils and secondary metabolites, in-depth knowledge through the '' Summer school of floriculture '' organized by the SOI ( Italian fruit and vegetable growing). Through dedicated professional courses, I have investigated topics such as nutraceutical aspects of raw materials and processed food products, structure, reactivity, and characterization of natural organic matter, organic soil carbon: stabilization composition and technologies (seizure) and sustainable agronomy techniques, analysis innovative for the study of quality. -and traceability of agri-food products. Currently responsible for EduLab innovation at Future Food.

José de la Rosa Moròn
Biologist adsorbed by gastronomy and the sciences around it, with high affinity to neurophysiology and microbiology. Gastronomic Sciences master degree student from Basque Culinary Center as union nexus between his background and what he really loves. Product Design and Food Design passionate. Gastronomy as a solution for social problems. Currently, working at Scuderia – FF Urban CooLab where manages the Fermentation Lab, farming microorganisms, enriching SHILIAO.BO and Welldone Burger’s Portfolio.

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