DDMP - FABCARE. Design Anything, Make Anywhere, Care Anyone

The talk concerns the presentation of FABCARE, an initiative developed by Polifactory (the makerspace - Fab Lab of Politecnico di Milano) within the Creative Europe Program project DDMP - Distributed Design Market Platform (distributeddesign.eu). FABCARE is endorsed and supported by the Centro Medico Santagostino (www.cmsantagostino.it), an Italian network of specialist polyclinics experimenting economically sustainable and socially responsible healthcare service model. The talk is divided into two parts: a brief introduction to the Distributed Design Market Platform as an opportunity for independent makers, designers, and independent innovators. A second part present FABCARE and the 5 open source projects for healthcare selected and prototyped in collaboration with designers and makers at Polifactory. After the presentations, the interaction with the audience will be stimulated in order to discuss opportunities and critical issues related to the development of open source healthcare solutions.


14.00 - 14.10 / Introduction (Massimo Bianchini - Polifactory | Politecnico di Milano)

14:10 - 14:25 / Distributed Design Market Platform (Massimo Menichinelli - IAAC | Fab City Research Lab)

14.25 - 14:55 / FABCARE (Massimo Bianchini / Patrizia Bolzan - Polifactory | Politecnico di Milano)
- Palpatine (Francesca Poli, Daniel Sanchez, Benedetta Beltrami, Luca Sommariva and Chiara Parise)
- Mappanei (Patrizia Bolzan - Polifactory | Politecnico di Milano)
- Dermap (Marianna Accorsi and Giulia Sala)
- Zero2 (Tommaso Brioschi)
- DermAware (Mattia Fantoni)

14:55 - 15.15 / Open discussion with the audience

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Sabato 13 Ottobre
Dalle 14.00 alle 15.15
Room 20 Sala Livia pav. 10
DDMP - FABCARE. Design Anything, Make Anywhere, Care Anyone


Polifactory is the makerspace - Fab Lab of Politecnico di Milano, a multidisciplinary research lab to explore and investigate the relationship between design and new production models.

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