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BuildTak/Ideal Jacobs Europe B.V.

BuildTak/Ideal Jacobs Europe B.V.

Developed in 2013, BuildTak is a brand focused on creating tools that improve the 3D printing user experience. Used in over 50 countries, the BuildTak print surface, is a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FFF 3D printers to provide an ideal surface for 3D printing. Following the success of our printing surface, which has become globally recognized for solving adherence problems, the BuildTak spatula was released in the Fall of 2015 followed by our FlexPlate system in Fall of 2016. We have also recently expanded our surface line to include our newest option: Buildtak PEI. As a team dedicated to trying to take the hassle out of 3D printing, BuildTak strives to create the ideal tools that will make 3D printing easier and more accessible to everyone.


BuildTak/Ideal Jacobs Europe B.V.

Stand B8 (pav. 8) - BuildTak/Ideal Jacobs Europe B.V.

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