Waiting for Maker Faire Rome

There’s a lot coming out before MFR18!
Have a look at all the events we are organizing for you!


The Big Hack – Hacknight@Museum (6/7 october 2018)

A non-stop weekend of creativity, technology and coding hosted by the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte in Naples. Promoted by the Campania Region in collaboration with Sviluppo CampaniaThe Big Hack – HackNight@Museum is an hackathon whose aim is to bridge digital, coding, design skills with the market, and to foster the adoption of digital and STEM education among the youngest. The event targets developers, makers, engineers, designers, startups, students passionate coders and expect them up to design and prototype solutions that obey various “quality of life” challenges, thrown by prestigious partners. Participation to The Big Hack – HackNight@Museum is free.

hacknight.makerfairerome.eu  #HackNight@Museum



Data Driven Innovation (18/19 May 2018)

Data Driven Innovation is a disruptive conference on the world of Data Science, it is a full immersion on the innovative bring of data in all sectors of society and economy. It’s promoted by the Department of Engineering of Roma Tre University and it’s organized by Maker Faire Rome. 

In an increasingly digital society, in which we are all data producers and consumers (even unaware), we can no longer separate theory from practice, academic discipline from physical applications. Data Driven Innovation is the place where specialists meet with one another to take stock of the situation and explain their work to the rest of society. Because the data should not scare but rather constitute a great opportunity for everyone.

datadriveninnovation.org  #DataDriven2018

European Maker Week:
celebration of makers and innovators from all over Europe


European Maker Week (12/19 May 2018)

The third European Maker Week takes place from May 12 to May 19 2018, an initiative promoted by the European Commission, implemented by Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition in collaboration with Startup Europe and the Committee of the Regions, under the high patronage of the European Parliament.

The aim is to create a virtuous circle to spread the culture of digital manufacturing and strengthen the ecosystem for the growth and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

European Maker Week is particularly interested in reach out to new players who have never organized a maker event before. How can we do that? By fostering hundreds of makers events to reach the largest possible audience!

europeanmakerweek.eu #EMWeek18.


Fintech Innovation 

FinTech Innovation (2/3 May 2018)

A two-day event meant to show how tech innovation is radically changing the finance domain, and to present the opportunities it carries for micro-enterprises, startups, SMEs, corporate, public administrations and anyone operating in the finance sector. A mix of panel, talks, lightning rounds and training sessions on the programme, invited speakers and attendees will discuss practical strategies, solutions and opportunities that lies ahead. It is an amazing opportunity to meet major players, institutions, experts on innovation applied to finance.

fintech.makerfairerome.eu   #FinTechInnovation