Here is a preview of what the Maker Faire Rome 2018 will be.

12 – 14 October 2018 

3 days into the future

Maker Faire Rome gathers together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, schools, universities, research institutes, artists, students, and corporations. Makers come to show their creations and share their learnings. Attendees flock to Maker Faire Rome to glimpse the future and find the inspiration to become Makers themselves.

Display area

Hundreds of inventions, attractions and creations await the visitors to the Fiera di Roma, covering more than 50.000 m2 of covered display areas.
We are giving space to creative, innovative, entertaining, interactive and educational projects, driven by passion and ingenuity.
Maker Faire Rome is a large fair for inventions and innovation open to all forms of applied creativity, from serious and innovative ideas to more imaginative ones, from new technologies to traditional “know how” and handicraft.
We will display to inventions and projects on topics of design, electronics, digital handicraft, health and quality of life, art, drones, energy, sustainability, open sources….

  • Kids Area: Maker Faire is an event for aficionados, the curious and also for families. The very young, children and youths aged from 4 to 15, will have a display area dedicated to them: the Kids Area where they will be able to see hundreds of inventions and personally experience the true maker spirit, through numerous activities with electronics, robotics and digital programming and creativity laboratories. Key word: “Learn by doing”.
  • Maker for Space: this will be an areas for discussing space. The central nucleus of this section will be an area reserved for spaceflight containing a celebration of the Makers of the Apollo Programme, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary (culminating in July 2019 with the anniversary of the first landing on the Moon) and the Italian makers who with typical ingenuity and art realised the first satellites in the San Marco array.
  • Agrifood and Agritech: sensors and new digital technologies applied to agriculture and food, this year there will again be an area dedicated not only to food farming but also technology in the sector.
  • Robotic Area: after the major exploit if 2017, when the best Italian entities were in attendance, the importance of robotics has increased this year and will be enhanced by display set-ups from all over Europe.  
  • Circular economy: Sustainability, Recycling, Bioeconomy and Green Energy, Maker Faire is all of this as well, with the aim of increasing awareness and informing the general public, displaying products and applications, laboratories and practical demonstrations, debates and workshops.

Conference area, education and learning by doing

There will also be hundreds of conferences, seminars and educational workshops on current topics, such as industry 4.0 home automation, drones and robotics, 3D printing, IoT – Internet of Things, circular economy, technology applied to means of transport, cooking and music. Maker Faire Rome also offers a series of demo workshops, which are demonstrational courses on the application of digital manufacturing.
There will also be a large area dedicated to students, where classes can visit the event free on Friday morning, during the Educational Day.


Friday 12th October – morning

9.00 am – 1.00 pm: Educational Day
Free entrance to the event reserved exclusively for schools who have booked (Go to the booking page)

Friday 12th October – afternoon

2.00 pm – 7.00pm  Maker Faire Rome. Opening to the public

Saturday 13th  October

10.00 am – 7.00pm  Maker Faire Rome. Opening to the public

Sunday 14th October

        10.00 am – 7.00pm  Maker Faire Rome. Opening to the public

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