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#MakeInAfrica is a contest launched by Maker Faire Rome and ENI for African makers, for Africa. The motivation behind it lies in the desire to identify, foster and disseminate innovative solutions that may enable access to sustainable energy for large groups of people or communities, or to support forms of circular economy and energy efficiency. The goal is to help improving quality of life for locals in Africa.


The aim of the Contest is to support those who, in line with the philosophy of the Maker community, have been able to grasp a concrete need, orienting their ingenuity towards a solution that, at the sole discretion of the evaluation committee, has achieved a clear success of merit. Projects will be selected to leverage the circular economy, intended as a reduction of the environmental impact and consumption of raw materials and environmental sustainability with a view to reducing the emission of CO2 and pollutants.

Who can participate

Participation is open to people > 18, residing in any African country. Also startups, companies and any other legal entity based in African can apply,, with the exception of Academia and research organizations (either public or private)e), are admitted to participate.

How to apply

Piece of cake! Submit your application by September 10 2018, to the following link (registration required):

Please note that projects already submitted to the Call for Makers of Maker Faire Rome 2018 by african makers are alredy elegible for the Contest and do not need to be re.submitted.

What’s in it for you

  • 1 x hospitality package (Intercontinental flight to Rome, accommodation and board) during the Maker Faire Rome 2018, courtesy of  ENI with a maximum value of Euro 15,000.00 (Euro fifteen thousand/00) and up to a maximum of Euro 5,000 (Euro three thousand/00) per person.
  • 1 x booth at Maker Faire Rome to allow winners to exhibit their projects, courtesy of Maker Faire Rome.

Terms and conditions

Ok, we know legalities and disclaimer are not the funniest part, but reading  regulation  is important and will help you understand if you are elegible for participation.