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Daniele Leandri
Guitarrino Is a device that tranform a normal guitar in a Midi Controller.

Fernando Carvalho
Cyclically generator of 8 tones.
   - Fernando Carvalho

Daniele Colasimone, Emiliano Furfaro
Hi-End Vacuum tube Audio Systems

Sorrenti Massimiliano Laboratorio ArtiMe
Create Respecting Environment and Art. Built entirely with recycled material "Robodoc & La Guitar Violata"

special-designed hi-tech music eco-chair for body-wellness & music-therapy

Bare Conductive
Empowering the integration of electronics into the environment.

Daniele Leandri
Batterino is a drum machine MIDI controller made with Arduino and some piezos. It can be used to control an audio Workstation or software such as Ableton. It is a cheap solution to start playng drums.

Section of Applied Physics and Electronics Kragujevac
Section of Applied Physics and Electronics Kragujevac brings you projects in feald of electronics, applied physich, programming...

Daniele Orisio, 4An, IIS "G. Marconi", Dalmine (BG)
DMX over light is a lighting system which can be used in teaters or discos for esibitions and parties.

Musictech SNC
The new DUAL LINK DIGIBEAT accordion has characteristics of the DIGITAL BOX but with a section of Arrangements and Rhythms incorporated

hArt is a robot / painter that is capable of translating music and the environment into abstract designs.
   - B.P.S. Business Performance Services S.r.l.

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design
An international school of excellence, 100% Made in Italy, that offers undergraduate, advanced and Master’s courses. A powerhouse of ideas where new generati …

Pietro Moscetta
Lampadine Led a colori programmabili da ambiente Arduino con tecnologia radio e WiFi.

Andrea Baldi
Lancillotto is a temperature and humidity stabilizer for the manually constructed reeds of some wind instruments.

Lars Lenckowski, Luk Thomsen, Malte Saß
Our project is a harp which uses lasers instead of strings, controlled and configurable at runtime with an Raspberry Pi.
   - Lars Lenckowski, Luk Thomsen, Malte Saß

Ovidiu Sandru
It makes watching movies on the ceiling totally possible, in under 1 minute.

Maker hart Industry Corp.
We have a passion for music. Our concept is to spread the pleasure, joy and fun of music all over the world. We want to provide different experience in learning …
   - Maker hart Industry Corp.

Arturo Moleti, Renata Sisto, Luigi Cerini, Filippo Sanjust
Measuring otoacoustic emissions, i.e., acoustic signals generated by the human cochlea, which provide sensitive diagnostics of the hearing function
   - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Classe IVEA, I.I.S " C. Rosatelli" di Rieti, studenti: Amine Ahardane e Greco Lorenzo
MixTap is a musical game that entertains kids. They can measure the speed of response to audiovisual stimuli

Platform and controller which, through tactile and acoustic feedbacks, provide to the blind an immersive game experience and access to digital world.

Silvio Scena
Modular Musical Instrument. Each module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys ) can be used individually in stand-alone mode or assembled with others composing a full piano keyboard. The same object can be used for studio writing or recording, then musicians can use 1 or 2 octaves, or for live performances, then they can use 7/8 octaves. The modularity of the tool reduces its size, and thus favors the transportability. The electronics of each item is based on a arduino uno card. The prototype is composed by 4 octaves.

Edoardo Taori
Plants Play is the first wearable device that allows you to listen to the music generated by plants and trees straightaway on your smartphone. By means of two sensors set on the leaves, Plants Play turns its electrical variations into music, which can be sent via bluetooth to the downloadable app for Smartphones, iOS's and Androids in a jiffy.

Ivano Pelicella, Clemente Di Caprio
Ultramic384k is an ultrasonic USB microphone and an unattended recorder with scheduling and trigger capability.

RS Components
RS Components serves over one million customers and offers with more than 500,000 products in our online store. We have everything you need to build awesome p …

Jeffrey Roe
Turn your head into a speaker that only you can hear with bone conduction.

At this year's Maker Faire show in Rome, the Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp and Sony Developer Program team present the new Spresense IoT development board. …

Marco Bertola, Marco Re, Gianluca Susi
The projects are devoted to the control of electronic instruments by using the Kinect controller or by using an electronic glove or vice versa the detection of the musician groove by using an electronic glove
   - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Fabio Ballanti, Vito Errico, Giovanni Saggio
SoundGlove is a glove equipped with pressure sensors, strain gauges and gyroscope to play a virtual piano
   - Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Lorenzo De Luca with FabLab Belluno
Open Source stereo hi-fi Based on Volumio and Raspberry Pi, with web radio, music from USB, Spotify and Spotify connect

Sandro Giammellucca
create a musical instrument with any waste or raw material

vittorio milone; stefano silvestri; luca recano
TechnoculturesResearchUnit (UNIOR-Napoli) studies the relationships between cultures and technologies. Our #MFR2018 projects: DIYWithOthers (Bio)FabbingLab Napoli and "Jolie Rouge" maker association.

Lucio Gonzalez, ignasio Gonzalez, Julieta Arbizu
We design and develop music instruments using digital fabrication and manual skills to promote learn by doing.
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