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Ethafa is an Arduino-based maker kit feature five characters each of which represent a STEAM subject. Each character has different interaction and the building part of the activity is driver by an application. The kit is part of a group activity. The aim of the kit is to introduce more arabic girl (age 11-14) into STEAM education. The design of the kit is gender-neutral so even If it made particularly for girls, boys can also use it.


Leyla Tawfik

Leyla Tawfik has a BA in Media and Interaction Design. In 2017 during her graduation thesis “Ethafa”, she started to approach Interaction Design and tools related to the digital fabrication. She has experience in communication and promotion throughout the different media and she has collaborated in different projects related to digital and editorial design. As digital designer at Martel Innovate she is currently involved in several H2020 projects.

Stand B23 (pav. 9) - Leyla Tawfik

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