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I Fiori Pazzi

I Fiori Pazzi

"I Fiori Pazzi" consists of an educational game for children between 4/5 years that allows you to learn how to recognize and match colors. The concept of team but also of competition and physical activity are key concepts of the game to ensure the fun of children. Each child, holding a colored wand, will have to run towards the lighted base of his color and get there first to gain a point for his team. At the end of the lap the bases change color and each child passes his wand to the next who will try to get there again first, without confusing the colors though!

I Fiori Pazzi

Mattia Creta, Marta Girelli, Marcello Maiorana, Alessandro Montingelli, Xinghua Wang

We are product design students of the European Institute of Design

Stand B7 (pav. 7) - M. Creta, M. Girelli, M. Maiorana, A. Montingelli, X. Wang

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