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The P-WAVE installation is designed as a path, livable and usable. A visual and sensory experience that will take users in the depths of the sea, critically reinterpreted. It contains several contemporary themes within a single installation. The sea is seen as pollution, as a (often) insurmountable barrier, as a border (too often) traced. But despite these negative elements its natural beauty and strength will always find a way to show itself to the eye of the beholder.


Refuse Factory

Pierfrancesco La Brocca is an engineer. Graduated at the University of Salerno with a thesis on the green regeneration of the campus itself, has always been strongly interested in the issues concerning natural materials and their possible use in construction. After graduation he spent a period in Portugal where, working in a fab lab, he got into the world of digital fabrication and the possibilities that this offers.
Sonia Tramontano is an architect graduated from La Sapienza, University of Rome. Her sensitivity towards the issue of reuse has been strong since the early years of university, where she proposed several projects using waste material. She developed her thesis in India, where she had the opportunity to face the themes of urban regeneration and reuse under an entirely new profile, seen from the perspective of the megalopolis of Kolkata. Coming back to Italy, she obtained a second level master's degree in urban planning where she focused on the functional reuse of some assets taken away from the Camorra, followed by a period of work in an architectural firm of the capital, always leading her upcycling interests.
Ananyabrata Ghoshis an indian architect. Graduated in india and from few years in Europe where he lived for a while in Italy before going to Danmark, has a strong background of 3D modelling and post-production, he is extremely interested in the potential approaches of recycling to new technologies and digital fabrication.
Refuse Factory was born from the meeting of these young people passionate about issues that concern recycling, reuse of materials and the circular economy and with the aim of applying this approach to their work (in the field of architecture and engineering ). It is a workshop for the production of architectural and design elements with natural and recycled materials with the aim of activating a circular building system.

Stand F8 (pav. 6) - Sonia Tramontano

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