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Water always in your pocket.
MUCH MORE THAN A BOTTLE: a design object, created above all to inspire you and let you express yourself. With its slim shape, sinuous and simple profiles, Booktilla is easy to carry and convenient to use. Reusable over time, Booktilla can accompany you all day long (sports, work, school, travel, ...), reducing the waste of plastic and energy caused by "disposable" bottles. Booktilla was also created above all to spread the philosophy of reuse, respect and care for the environment, a greater awareness of water's importance, and proper hydration. The position of the cap, decentralized on the horizontal axis, gives a new way to drink that will surprise you because of how comfortable it is. The result of continuous research, it is made of innovative materials with ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES. Made entirely in Italy. MUCH MORE THAN A BOOK: the Bookbox, the precious box containing Booktilla, is also a real book that contains a message.


Sintegy S.r.l.

Manuel Bordignon, member of Sintegy, and Business Developer of Booktilla.
Pierluigi Cupri, member of Sintegy, and Business Developer of Booktilla.
Chiara Tartaglia, member of Sintegy, and Business Developer of Booktilla.

Stand D9 (pav. 4) - Sintegy S.r.l.

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