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Pix3DArt is a product for children and their parents, with the intent to join them. It's an educational and innovative app that allows children to express creativity, throw 3D composition and 3D printing. With Pix3DArt every child can build his own custom toy, drawing and composing 3D models. These compositions will be stored on cloud and their parents will choose drawing to print: we build and send them to their home, where children will play with a toy they made.


Raffaele Colace, Gabriele Giaccari, Martina Santoro, Simone Petrella, Jacopo Cardinali

Raffaele Colace: CEO & Co-Founder, Software Engineer, Senior Python/C# Developer;
Gabriele Giaccari: CTO & Co-Founder, Scrum Master, Senior Python Developer;
Martina Santoro: Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Specialist, Photo/Video Editor;
Simone Petrella: Co-Founder, 3D Printing Expert;
Jacopo Cardinali: Co-Founder, UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, 3D Modeller.

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