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Giocare con i robot
Giocare con i robot

Giocare con i robot

We present some possibilities to play with autonomous robots games that require physical interaction. Some robots implement inclusive play for people with and without disabilities, and have been tested in diffferent care centers. All of them are based on Arduino and follow the approach defined in the EU initiative LUDI ( and adopted by the hub RoboPlay4All ( A more powerful robot will try to destroy towers in a battlefield, while the player will try to conquer them. Machine learning is used to adapt the robot to the player to optimize enjoyment.

Giocare con i robot

AI and Robotics Lab - Politecnico di Milano

AIRLab was established at Politecnico di Milano in 1973 to support research and teaching in artificial intelligence and robotics. Together with research and applications in AI, machine learning, autonomous robots and vehicles since more than ten year experiences in human-robot interaction are developed by Andrea Bonarini and his students, in particular robogames, where robots can play physical games with human players, and objects that can participate in emotional way to the interaction. Among the applications, special attention has been always dedicated to disabilities, and in the last years, thanks also to the participation to the European network LUDI, several inclusive robotic games have been developed to enable people with different abilities to play also with others.

Stand H29 (pav. 5) - Politecnico di Milano - AI and Robotics Lab

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