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How to satisfy the consumers' request for healthy food given particular dietary regimes (religious, intolerance, allergies, diet) or restrictive regimes (hypertensive)? How to lengthen the shelf life of foods leaving their nutraceutical value unaltered? The answers in the innovations of three foods ready for the future: Seasonings with celery salt, Smoothie with whey and Biscuits with insect flour.

FONDAZIONE ITS TECH & FOOD - Sebastiano Porretta

The ITS Tech & Food Foundation is a centre of excellence that was founded in Parma in 2010 through the partnership between businesses in the agri-food industry, institutions, schools, universities, and regional training and research bodies.
It runs post-diploma training courses to train highly specialized technicians who leave with immediate job prospects in businesses within the agro-food industry.

Training pathways comprise the following two-year courses:

‘Higher Technician in food design and production technologies’
‘Higher Technician in food product marketing and promotion technologies’

Partner companies of the foundation provide students with direct contact with the world of work. They play a fundamental and active role in the structure of the course programs and how these are carried out, offering specialized staff for teaching and internships, as well as escorting students on company visits.

This enables the foundation to train higher technicians to meet the training and occupational needs of the food industry, contributing to the region’s economic development.

Sebastiano Porretta: Head of Department of Consumer Science at S.S.I.C.A. (Experimental Experimental Industry Food Preserves of Parma), ITS Tech&Food teacher, ITS Tech&Food Technical Commitee member.

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