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A new connected health platform based on cutting age technology and able to provide assistance and support to elderly or lonly living people. The project makes use of advanced IOT including a new medication smart dispenser controlling the appropriateness of care
  B5 (pav. 4) - CNA

Fungo Marketing is a web agency aiming at growing online business startup and companies.
  B21 (pav. 4) - CNA

  B7 (pav. 4) - CNA

Acea is one of the leading Italian multiutility operators. Listed on the Stock Exchange since 1999, the company manages and develops water and electricity netw …

  B5 (pav. 4) - CNA

Aeronautica Militare
  A7 (pav. 7) - Aeronautica Militare

Afinna ONE, lauched in 2010, is an emerging Italian Carrier specialized in International Voice Termination. Afinna ONE is a flexible and reliable partner tha …
  D2 (pav. 8) - AFINNA ONE

La Alan Advantage srl, con sedi a Roma e Boston, attiva da più di dieci anni nel campo dell’Innovazione, si occupa di attività di Consulenza strategica. …
  H1 (pav. 5) - ALAN ADVANTAGE SRL

Ambasciata degli Stati Uniti d'America
The U.S. Embassy will present two projects: - NASA Space Apps Challenge. A global hackathon promoted by NASA and organized in Rome by the U.S. Embassy, ASI, …
  H13 (pav. 5) - Ambasciata degli Stati Uniti d'America

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

  D17 (pav. 8) - Arduino

Meet Arrow at the Maker Faire For all Makers with an electronic background, we as Arrow want to demonstrate applications based on our community boards as wel …

ARSIAL - Agro Camera
  E32 (pav. 4) - ARSIAL - Agro Camera

Aruba S.p.A.
Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994, is the leading company in Italy for data center, web hosting, email, certified email (PEC) and domain registration services. It o …
  D1 (pav. 8) - Aruba S.p.A.

Associazione Nobilita
The Nobilita association aims to field ideas that can bring work. We believe that work is an instrument that brings dignity and the Nobilita association inte …
  H2 (pav. 5) - Associazione Nobilita

Barzanò & Zanardo Roma s.p.a.
A solid tradition in the protection of creativity, innovations and creations of the human mind, since 1878. Barzano' & Zanardo is a leader in the field of inte …
   - Barzanò & Zanardo Roma s.p.a.

Solutions & Services for Industry 4.0, smart applications, Digital Marketing & Artificial Intelligence
  B22 (pav. 4) - CNA

BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas
BNL, with over 100 years of activity, today is one of the Italy’s leading banking groups and one of the most-known brands as well. With around 1000 banks thro …
  D20 (pav. 4) - BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas

Bricofer Italia SpA
The Bricofer Group operates in the hardware and “Do-it-yourself” sector with brands Bricofer, Ottimax and Thormax. Always linked to the concept of “self-m …

Bridgestone NV/SA - Italian Branch, Technical Center
Our Technical Centre of Excellence nearby is the heart of invention and pioneering for Bridgestone EMEA, and it is driving the company’s transformation into a …
  B1 (pav. 5) - Bridgestone NV/SA - Italian Branch, Technical Center

BuildTak/Ideal Jacobs Europe B.V.
Developed in 2013, BuildTak is a brand focused on creating tools that improve the 3D printing user experience. Used in over 50 countries, the BuildTak print sur …
  B8 (pav. 8) - BuildTak/Ideal Jacobs Europe B.V.

car2go Italia srl
car2go is the inventor of free-floating carsharing, the service that is revolutionizing urban mobility thanks to a winning formula: flexibility, transparency an …
  B3 (pav. 6) - car2go Italia srl

Cisco Italia
Cisco is the global technology leader that transforms the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Its mission is to shape the future of the Internet, c …
  C1 (pav. 4) - Cisco Italia

CNA - CLIMBSTATION.IT by Pichetto Marco
Continuous climbing for fitness and fun without ropes, harness or instructor.  Skill Vs. Thrill – Climbing, being that indoor/outdoor bouldering, speed …
  B10 (pav. 4) - CNA - CLIMBSTATION.IT by Pichetto Marco

  B44 (pav. 4) - CNA

CNA, the National Confederation of Trade and SMEs in Rome, is the National Association of representation of trade enterprises, of entrepreneurs and SMEs and Com …
  B28 (pav. 4) - CNA

Conrad Electronic
Practice makes the maker! Conrad Electronic presents itself at the Maker Faire Rome as a partner of all tekkies & makers. Experience exciting workshops on var …

  B11 (pav. 4) - CNA

  E18 (pav. 4) - CREA

Digi-Key Electronics
Digi-Key is an American Company , privately owned with 3500 employees around the world and a total turnover of 2.3B$ per year. From a single point of shipmen …

Doc Servizi was born to protect and valorize the work of professionals in the field of music, theater and arts, who have to face a complex law, a difficult mana …
  C6 (pav. 8) - DOC SERVIZI SOC. COOP.

Elettronica Open Source is a blog founded in 2006 providing technical articles, courses and tutorials dedicated to Arduino, IoT, Makers, DIY, Microcontrollers, …
  C10 (pav. 8) - Elettronica Open Source

Unioncamere Lazio
The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-siz …
  C1 (pav. 9) - Unioncamere Lazio

Eni is an energy company employing more than 33,000 people in 71 countries worldwide. Eni works to build a future which allows everyone to have access to energy …
  Circular Eni - Eni

Exteryo Srl
Exteryo has patented passive electronic devices on textile support that communicate with smartphones and readers through the NFC coding. Textile devices (textil …

  B27 (pav. 4) - CNA

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane is the main Italian railway company and Italy’s top industrial group in terms of investments (€5.6bn in 2017) with financial f …

Filament PM
Filament PM is a brand of high quality filament for 3D printing, located in Czech Republic. Filament PM portfolio offers a wide variety of materials - PLA, ABS, …
  B9 (pav. 8) - Filament PM

Filo is an Italian company that provides smart-tech products and solutions, in the tracking field. We want to solve a problem: Find everything …
  F3 (pav. 8) - FILO

Fitness Coffee GVM
Our company produces and export in over 40 Countries gourmet coffees with brand Espresso Prima Classe® and patented healthy beverages with brands Fitness Coff …
  B13 (pav. 4) - Fitness Coffee GVM

Fronteretrò SRL is a consulting agency in communications and marketing that operates in the arts, entertainment and fashion industries. Our main activities inc …
  B12 (pav. 4) - CNA

Futura Group srl
Futura Group srl is an Italian company with over 20 years of history behind it. Born as an artisan company has gradually established itself on the Italian and i …
  F14 (pav. 8) - Futura Group srl

Geizeer- eco friendly ice cooling is tiny desk ice-cooler which also doubles up as air freshener, made of eco-friendly materials such as wood and with a very lo …
  B9 (pav. 4) - CNA

GeQ srl
GEQ, a consulting company for digitalization, develops innovative multiplatform management software, providing integrated services for the optimization of busin …
  H3 (pav. 5) - GeQ srl

Gruppo Messaggero
  TS.1 (pav. ) - Gruppo Messaggero

Guardia di Finanza
  B23 (pav. 6) - Guardia di Finanza

Hardware Solutions designs and manufactures Industrial Personal Computer It comes from the ten-year skills of its founders with a solid background of qualified …
  B4 (pav. 4) - CNA

  E29 (pav. 4) - ENEA

Luca Nardi, Sara Piccirillo, Francesco Cavaliere, Giulio Metelli, Giuseppe Corallo, Marco Potenza, Gabriele Mascetti, Eugenio Benvenuto
Protected HORTiculture in inflatable facilities, resistant to EXTREME conditions, for the production of high nutritional value plants: a field experiment in the AMADEE-18 mission
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