Open Furniture for Social Impact in self-organised playschools

Soprasotto Kit is an open source kindergarten furniture kit supporting self-organised kindergartens to easily build their own safe and kid-friendly furniture with the use of a fablab laser cutter and simple assembly guidelines.
All furniture is made without glue and screws and it's inspired by the Montessori Method which believes furniture should be made of natural materials like wood and should be child size and lightweight to stimulate children's autonomy. Soprasotto Kit was designed with the support of WeMake within DSI4EU project.

Tutti gli orari

Saturday 13 October
From 10.45 am to 12.00 pm
Room 19 Sala Euphemia pav. 10
Open Furniture for Social Impact in self-organised playschools

WeMake (Zoe Romano, Serena Cangiano)

WeMake is an innovative enterprise based in Milan providing a series of services and training to the creative community in the field of digital and traditional manufacturing and access to a fully equipped Fab Lab. WeMake has been developing and designing courses, workshops, initiatives and co-design sessions, which boost knowledge exchange and explore new fields of digital social innovation involving the local and global community on different skills and learning processes. WeMake is partner in EU funded project DSI4EU.

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