SMASH - Smart, open source, vehicle sharing.

In the next future more and more innovative vehicles and mobility resources will be used in sharing.
SMASH enables a new model of open source sharing, where users are active part of the system, being able to share intelligent vehicles aggregated on the same map.
SMASH is a practice of sharing economy P2P, oriented to citizens and the environment, which can radically change mobility in our smart cities.

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Sunday 14 October
From 2.45 pm to 3.15 pm
Room 19 Sala Euphemia pav. 10
SMASH -  Smart, open source, vehicle sharing.

Alessandro Cantore

Alessandro Cantore is an Italian innovator and entrepreneur working in the field of mobility and internet of things. Serial startupper.
His latest startup, Greenspider, developes technology solutions for smart mobility, and has reached a European dimension.
Greenspider was founded in Germany in 2014, and now has its main development office in Rome.
The company is awarded by the European Commission in the Horizon2020 program -open distruptive Innovation, phase 1 and phase 2, for the SMASH project, Smart Sharing.
In the last two years, SMASH has achieved a fund raising of over 1.5 million euros.
At this link the presentation of SMASH at Mobile World Congress in Barcellona, Feb 2018:

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