Wikidata, semantic web and query SPARQL

The wikidata workshop in a teoric first part and a practical second one. For the second part we suggest you to have
your own laptop (not tablet or smartphone). In the first part we will talk about semantic web, linked open data, web of data vs web of documents. In the second part we will do some wikidata experiences (find an error, add informations, link elements, reate a new element, use app such as Mix'n'match, Quickstats, Wikidata Game, etc) and we will learn to do SPARQL queries from endpoints. The workshop is pretty basic, you will need general web knowledge and abstract thinking; if you know some SQL and database it will help, but it is not required.

Tutti gli orari

Saturday 13 October
From 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Room 14 SC3
Wikidata, semantic web and query SPARQL

Luca Martinelli

Luca Martinelli is a long-term wikipedian, pne of the foundres and former borad member of Wikimedia Italia, national chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. He works as Wikipedian in Residence for a number of cultural institutions ad he is one of the biggest wikidata contributors in Italy.

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