Graffiti for Smart City

Graffiti for Smart City was born from an idea of installing smart mosaics in the main cities of the world. Results are smartwalls composed by very thin and revolutionary biobased tiles of mosaic where technology allows to connect with smartphone, assuring different services: ability discovering points of interest, receiving information, paying parking or better drawing on the walls through the device and creating artistic compositions to share with your friends
It is a project conceived to recover dismissed areas in the cities and to create new meeting places with artistic attractions.

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Saturday 13 October
From 2.45 pm to 3.15 pm
Room 19 Sala Euphemia pav. 10
Graffiti for Smart City

Salvatore Pepe

CEO e Founder di Mosaico Digitale. Dall'ottobre 2008 con il futuristico progetto Mosaico Digitale®, ha portato alla ribalta l'antica arte del mosaico, rivoluzionandone le prospettive creative. Progettato e prodotto interamente in Italia e con le più recenti tecnologie.

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