Plants Play. Listen to the music of your Plants and Trees

Plants Play was born by an idea of Edoardo Taori and Federica Zizzari to give the chance to as many people as possible to experience the plants' music as they had done on their trips to India, Nepal and the Canary Isles, on the pursuit of some of the trees deemed sacred by the locals. Their adventures are extensively told in the book "Viaggiando nel canto degli alberi" (Travelling on the trees' singing) and in the documentary "L'Albero del Drago ed il Respiro della Laurisilva" (the Dragon Tree and the Laurel Forest's breath) filmed on the Canary Isles in 2016.
In 2017 Edo and Kika (that's how they usually go by) set up a proper Team to make the Plants Play dream come true and hand it out on a large scale to allow others enjoy the striking experience of the music played by plants and trees.The development phase lasted over one year.
The advanced biofeedback circuit engineered by the Plants Play team picks up the electrical impedance variation of the plant\tree thru two sensors set on the leaf/log. The central processor assigns a note at each electrical impedance of the plant. The frequency value of the note is based upon a Gaussian analysis of the plant by a static algorithm that converts electrical impedance into notes, on the basis selected by the user thru the app. The sound intensity is related to the "Ramp Parameter", to wit how much the plant's electrical impedance has changed in a certain lapse of time . Polyphony can reach up to 5 notes simultaneously.

To sum it all up in an easier way :
● Plant : composer that generates music.
● Smartphone : performer that plays the notes generated by the plant itself and sent it thru the
Plants Play device.
● User : bandleader who can choose which rules the plant has at its disposal to play music thru
the App.

It behooves to highlight that the whole environment contributes to the musical composition, being plants extremely sensible beings and possessing over 15 senses and a highly sophisticated speech, they're fully conscious of their surroundings. Now, thanks to Plants Play we can savvy how the plants senses its surrounding environment and monitor its inner physiological functions, as well. By touching the plant we can monitor how the melody changes: each plant, in fact, reacts differently to different stimuli, thus the music played by the plant will always be unique.

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Saturday 13 October
From 5.00 pm to 6.15 pm
Room 20 Sala Livia pav. 10
Plants Play. Listen to the music of your Plants and Trees

Edoardo Taori

Edoardo Taori, born in 1985 in a small mountain village between Lazio and Abruzzo, once called Ponza, the current Arcinazzo Romano (IT). As a child, he tries to find out what the world around him is made of, practicing many sports; he cultivated his artistic skills and spend considerable time learning science. Growing, he focused his studies on music composition and the nature of sound. Currently, he combines the passion for Natural Agriculture with the Music. Thanks to this combination borns the latest works with the Music of the Plants. He is author of the book "Traveling on the Song of Trees". Music and divination cards of Northern India and Nepal.
Now he is CEO & Founder of the Plants Play S.r.l. Startup that makes devices that allows you to listen to the Music generated by Plants and Trees.

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