Food Care

The pace of technological and social transformation is driving dramatic changes in the way food services are facing the market. Technology is driving global, traceable sourcing, faster service, more efficient kitchens, and real-time customer relationship management. Food is increasingly becoming part of an unforgettable experience and consumers are always looking for a deeper relation between food eaten and health impact. These trends are then adjusting to different cultures and customers needs. There is the need for global and local food services of understanding more growing customers need as well as adjust their innovation strategy accordingly.

Tutti gli orari

Sunday 14 October
From 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Room 4 pav. 4
Food Care

Tim West, Monica Cipriani, Simone Gozzi

Tim West - True West Venture
Monica Cipriani - Nima
Simone Gozzi - Camst

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