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Nowadays one third of the food in the world goes to waste. This is a problem of harvesting, storing, packaging, transport, infrastructure or market mechanisms, from both institutional and legal sectors. Organizations must apply more sustainable practices. Fortunately there are diverse international entities that are contributing by giving life to solutions that can be implemented and integrated.

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Sunday 14 October
From 10.30 am to 11.30 am
Room 4 pav. 4

Claudia Laricchia, Andrea Carapellese, Paola Fiore, Federico Andreotti, Giovanni Lococo

- Claudia Laricchia: Italian Climate Leader and coordinator of the Future Food 4 Climate Change Program
- Andrea Carapellese: UNIDO ITPO Italy
- Paola Fiore: Director of ETICAMBIENTE®; Expert of Environment, Climate, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility. Italian National Coordinator of Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project and Member of European Branch Climate Policy Task Force. Educator for UN SDGs. Member of Environment and Innovation Committee of the Italian Federation for Human Rights .
- Federico Andreotti: Agroecologist Graduated at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). He works on transdisciplinary research projects in Italy, France, Latin America bridging technical, social and local knowledge feeding collective intelligence co-developing a better world.
- Giovanni Lococo: Climate Leader.

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