Ecofriendly children design _ design, 3d print and learning

For Maker Faire Roma 2018 we offer you an enjoyable and educative day, focused on little ones, where design and prototyping will quickly become a play easy to understand.

Introducing kids into the world of design, explaining step by step the process of design and awaking ecological awareness, they all will be purposes of the workshop.

Young creators will be introduced into various levels of product design, from the idea to the physical model. They will touch with their own hands materials which are useful while making models, will get to know some of production processes, usage of materials useful for prototyping and importance of sustainable production line. All these activities within the watchful sight of dMake and Techteam.

Who will manage to come back home with small desing masterpiece? Who will manage to design the product ready for printing and taking back home as souvenir?

Moreover, the goal of labs is to generate groups’ dynamics in order to stimulate and develop with kids requirements which are necessary to meet the expectations of XXIst century. Creativity and critical thinking, sensitive intelligence and lateral thinking, capacity to visualize an object, they are all abilities which can be reached while participation to lab, designed carefully to achieve these goals.

The event is free and open for all children from 8 to 13, who would like to get to know the world of design and creation, in the manner full of entertainment.

They will be used only biodegradable materials.

Tutti gli orari

Friday 12 October
From 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm
KIDS ISLAND 1 pav. 7
Friday 12 October
From 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm
KIDS ISLAND 1 pav. 7
Ecofriendly children design _   design, 3d print and learning

Giuseppe D'Emilio, Fabrizio Delogu, Vittorio Nardi, Denise Franzè, Rosamaria Faralli

Giuseppe D'Emilio | Co-founder Architect and Illustrator
Architect, illustrator and designer. He has collaborated with LARA Studio, +39.06 Architetti, Volumezero and Gianni Ranaulo Design. Some projects of him have been published in magazines, received awards and mentions. He has exposed his own works of pop derivation in different shows.
He takes care of his own moustaches in maniacal way and it has an exaggerated passion for the shoes.

Fabrizio Delogu | Co-Founder Tech Team and slicing 3D expert
Reliable experience as a service technician of various graphic equipment, from digitals to prepress. With Vittorio Nardi, founder of Techteam srl, a company focused on digital printing and 3d printing. 3D Slicing instructor (Cura, Simplify 3d), with ability to pass his skills and support different people in construction of 3D object, a Raspberry PI programmer.
His laugh has a high number of decibels.

Rosamaria Faralli | Co-founder Architect and Photographer
Architect and photographer, specialized in modeling 3d and rendering. She has participated in numerous contests, laboratories and exposures besides maturing during the time a great experience in the architectural planning and direction of yards for public and private works.
The synthesis is not her strong.

Denise Franzè | Co-founder Architect and Comunication Manager
Architect and person responsible of the communication, have matured experience in the promotion of events and contacts with the press. A Master has achieved in Architecture and Environment on the retraining of abandoned buildings, empty urban and you center historical in the region Campania. She offers sessions of prices psychology torn.

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