Instargam kit: presonal branding for professional

Enhance your profession and your personal branding with INSTAGRAM.
Actually Social Media are one of the most important channel to improve our personal and business career.

Put your creativity in practice and increase your skills with the first Personal Branding workshop with Instagram.
Be sure to join the workshop with your smartphone charged and Instagram installed!

Looking forward to meet you and don't miss the opportunity to share your creativity!

Tutti gli orari

Sunday 14 October
From 11.00 am to 1.30 pm
Room 5 pav.5
Instargam kit: presonal branding for professional

Laura Nacci

Social Media Strategist. Visual Storytelling Trainer & Consultant. Business School Teacher.
I plan and realize training courses that enable managers, professionals and entrepreneurs to develop contents and strategies of social media management for their profession and for the business they represent: from the overview of issues regarding the use of social media for business to technical training on visual storytelling for the company. I organize workshops on the creation and enhancement of personal brand on new media, especially on Instagram, where it is possible to tell in an innovative way their projects, character traits and skills (hard and soft), as well as to build coherent and strongly characterising contents also from the visual point of view.
I work as a consultant and lecturer for Business Schools and companies, thanks to an entrepreneurial experience where I have experimented since the beginning the use of social media and transmedia communication plans for different business contexts.
My website:

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