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School factor. If you work in schools and are interested in innovative teaching.
Factor of school is an entrepreneurship training project through digital culture and business paths designed and promoted by Giffoni Innovation Hub in collaboration with Medaarch, Knowledge for Business, Campania New Steel, Culture and Innovation Foundation. A coaching path, supported by the experience of partners, mentors and professional trainers, who encourage and stimulate the proposal of project initiatives by students in the last years of secondary schools. The project, aimed at students of secondary schools of second degree, foresees the creation of a Scholastic, physical and digital factory, a service of the students and the territory during school and extra-school hours. The factory offers innovative tools to better manage their ideas, such as business start-ups, multimedia communication projects, formats, prototypes, etc. An innovative plan for education and innovation of educational, digital, social, entrepreneurial and development activities in line with the latest MIUR and European Union ministerial directives. SCHOOL FACTOR is a modular and customizable project based on the needs and interests of managers, teachers and students and offers a range of technological services able to meet all the needs of the institute, from the concept design of the spaces to the training laboratories entrepreneurial and digital.

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Saturday 13 October
From 11.00 am to 12.00 pm
Area Talk CAD pav. 6
School Factor

Luca Tesauro, Amleto Picerno Cerraso

Architect, graduated in Rome at La Sapienza, with A. Terranova and R. Secchi. Master in Architecture at INARCH and Master Degree in Advanced Architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia of the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya with the direction of Vicente Guallart, Willy Müller and Marta Malé-Alemany.
Professor for the National Institute of Architecture (Rome) within the master in Emerging Technologies, under the direction of Marialuisa Palumbo.
CEO at MEDAARCH, Mediterranean Academy of Architecture;
Responsible Mediterranean FabLab
He has taught in several school Visiting Athens and Madrid.
Scientific director and professor of the summer school in digital fabrication and parame- tric design "Digitalmed" InarchCampania.
Director of INFOGRAM, Agency of infovisualizzazione.
Teaching assistant at the Second University of Napoli for the application of parametric design into the process of urban generation.
Self-employed in the office of Architecture and Engineering "picernocerasolab" of which he is CEO with Ing. Gianpiero Picerno Ceraso. Associated with the office wins in Italy and abroad several architecture competitions . His works are rewarded as innovative projects in the international arena up to be submitted for the SMART CITY WORLD CONGRESS EXPO 2012.

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