Robot and social studies: using robotics in high school

It is known that educational robotics stimulates students creativity, promotes a positive attitude towards scholastic learning, cooperative learning and problem-solving. To maximize its impact is important to avoid restricting educational robotics to extracurricular activities, which often seems to be disconnected from other disciplines. The workshop will propose some learning scenarios of the European project Roboesl, co-financed by Erasmus+ program which fit to be inserted in Liceal curriculum.

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Sunday 14 October
From 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm
Room 23 Sala Ottavia pav. 10
Robot and social studies: using robotics in high school

Scuola di Robotica - Gianluca Pedemonte

Training in liberal arts, passionate about robotics. In Scuola di Robotica takes care of communication, dissemination, and planning. Referee for the project "The Ocean in 3D" for Plastic recycling is also part of the team developing Roboable, an instrument of edutainment capable of delivering therapeutical and rehabilitation contents.

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