Drones beyond the hobby

At maker Faire Rome 2018, the Robotics area coordinated by Bruno Siciliano, will host different prototypes of new generation drones and will give a deeper analysis at the "Drones beyond the hobby" conference. Limited to operate as a flying camera, drones have quickly turned into sophisticated quadricoptera with built-in limbs, with the aim of making the inspection and maintenance of large industrial structures and not an operation without risk to humans.

Tutti gli orari

Saturday 13 October
From 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Room 2 Sala Aurelia pav. 10

Anibal Ollero (Università di Siviglia); Federica Pascucci (Università Roma Tre); Marco Aggravi (Centre INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique); Kostas Kyriakopoulos (National Technical University of Athens); Juha Roning (Università di Oulu – Finlandia); Lorenzo Marconi (Università di Bologna); Vincenzo Lippiello (Università di Napoli Federico II); David Youssef (EgyRobo).

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