Inclusive didactic by educational robotic

"Design for all" is a design methodology which cab very well be used for teaching robotics. We will design together to teachers different approaches to create more inclusive school enviromìnment thanks to robotics.

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Saturday 13 October
From 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Room 9 pav. 9
Inclusive didactic by educational robotic

Scuola di Robotica - Sandra Meloni

After a Degree in Biology science worked 10 years in a School for Wooden works of art's restorers. 2000-2014 worked as President of a Cooperative holding a Day care service and a kindergarten. In 2011 started a FIRST® Lego® League Team with his son, daughter and some friends entering the world of educational robotics. Actually works for Scuola di Robotica, organizing a regional event of FIRST® Lego League, and Italian edition of NAO Challenge, and helding workshops for students and courses for teachers.

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