Industrial Symbiosis Creative Labs

The laboratory includes theoretical activities aimed at making clear the need for an economic model based on an efficient use of resources in a company (or in a residential context) and practical activities that puts on practice the mechanisms of industrial symbiosis, the reuse of waste. The proposed package is actually very flexible because it provides a modularity according to the target audience of destination, this means according to the age of the children (from 8 to 18 years) and modulated according to the context, ie "industry" or "residential-urban-community".
In detail it is foreseen:
• A brief introduction on the green economy and circular economy model:
- main environmental problems (consumption of raw materials, waste production and new circular economic model) through videos, videos and captivating infographics.
• An exercise that simulates the symbiosis between industries:
- companies (students) to take advantage of their resources / waste (resource cards) will maximize their value through appropriate exchanges (Input / Output tabs) under the supervision of a work table coordinator.
• An "award ceremony" through selfie with photo gadgets of "Industrial Symbiosis class 2018" to be shared on social channels.

Tutti gli orari

Sunday 14 October
From 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm
Room 18 SC3
Industrial Symbiosis  Creative Labs

Erika Mancuso

Erika Mancuso has a degree in Political Science and since 2009 she has been carrying out research and development of European and national projects related to environmental sustainability with particular reference to the efficient use of resources, the closure of production cycles and the implementation of industrial symbiosis projects.
He has published numerous articles in national and international journals, conference proceedings, edited various technical reports and various contributions to books.

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