Italian way for circular economy: the ICESP platform

ENEA, selected in Coordination Group of European Platform for Circular Economy (ECESP), promoted the realization of an ECESP national Italian interface, by the constitution of the “Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform - ICESP”, aiming to create a point of national convergence on initiatives, experiences, critical issues, perspectives and expectations on the circular economy that the Italian system wants and can represent in Europe with a single voice, promoting the Italian way for circular economy. Industries, research, institutions as well as civil society (consumer association, environmental association, etc.) are invited to join.

Tutti gli orari

Saturday 13 October
From 10.45 am to 11.15 am
Room 20 Sala Livia pav. 10
Italian way for circular economy: the ICESP platform

Roberta De Carolis

Roberta De Carolis, chemist, PhD, researcher at ENEA, and in particular in the Section for Circular Economy (Department for Sustainability). She gained experience in environmental issues related to environmental monitoring and ecoinnovation, with particular reference to innovative processes for resources recovery and recycling. She is active in many project related to this issues, both in Italy and in international environment. In the past she worked also in private companies and universities.

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