Food Makers Lab

The kitchen here is a real Makerspace where people don't make mistakes, they learn.
This show-cooking workshop will show food technologies in terms of tradition and experimentation in the kitchen, focusing on food innovation as a development area.

Tutti gli orari

Sunday 14 October
From 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm
Domes Food Tech pav. 4
Food Makers Lab

Miguel Valenzuela

Miguel Valenzuela is an inventor, artist, California Registered Engineer, and creator of PancakeBot, a pancake printer designed to inspire kids to get into technology, robotics and food manufacturing.
He works with 3D modeling, robotics, LEGO and teaching children about animation as well as programming.
He's been working as a design engineering for 10 years and plus, he had a management experience in the field of water resources and oil and gas.
As an engineer, Miguel specialized in the rehabilitation of large diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipelines (PCCP) and designed & developed specifications to rehabilitate these pipelines. He also developed specifications for BIM and open source software solutions for managing models.
He's currently focused on developing the PancakeBot Innovation Center and Makerspace in Vestfossen Norway.

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