Neuro Food Lab

Scientific tools and reliable neuroscience data are needed to collect biometric data (heartbeat, respiratory rate, electroencephalography, Galvanic Skin Response etc.) which includes the user's emotional and cognitive reaction to a product or an experience.
We will see how with the support of technology we can analyze the waves emitted naturally by our brain, among which for example Alpha waves, those that indicate the presence of positive thoughts, of serenity and liking: depending on the cerebral area in which they are detected, it is possible to understand what emotions the experience has aroused in the user.

Tutti gli orari

Friday 12 October
From 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Domes Food Tech pav. 4
Neuro Food Lab

Thimus Group

Thimus is the first Italian Company entirely specializing in applied neuroscience and biometric research: a scientific approach to factors influencing a product, brand or experience impact on its intended target.

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