The future of proteins is wide, multi-stakeholder and presents various options. Why? Because a change is needed. With the predicted substantial increase in meat demand, we will quickly run out of production capacity. Secondly, world meat production at present is contributing between 15% and 24% of total current greenhouse gas emissions; more meat consumption means more animals raised and killed for meeting the demand; and finally, public health problems surrounding livestock production and consumption are proved. There is the need for food leaders and cutting-edge organisations working on lead or follow innovative trends in order to be able to innovate the market.

Tutti gli orari

Friday 12 October
From 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Room 4 pav. 4

Moderator: Future Food Institute. Speaker: Joseph Puglisi Stanford / Beyond Meat; Antonio Idà - Spireat; Josè de La Rosa - Future Food Institute

Moderator: Future Food Institute.

Joseph Puglisi Stanford / Beyond Meat

Antonio Idà - Spireat

Josè de La Rosa - Future Food Institute

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