STEM with LittleBits: build stories and learn Science

Littlebits is a kit which allows introducing very quickly concepts STEAM without forgetting creativity. Using the unofficial Manual written by Rossella Spinetta, teachers will understand how to introduce this instrument in their school.

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Friday 12 October
From 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
Room 9 pav. 9
STEM with LittleBits: build stories and learn Science

Scuola di Robotica - Andrea Germinario

Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engeneering, Turin Polytechnic, Italy (2013) with a thesis on Design, implementation and analysis of specific electronic circuits for temperature control in the primary thermal metrology and production data acquisition software. Master’s degree in Computer Engineering with a Thesis on Interaction design of a serious game for full-body active  experience of music content in therapy and rehabilitation scenarios, University of Genoa, Italy (2016). Has worked as scientific tutor for Festival della Scienza in Genoa; as webmaster for various company. From 2017 he has been working for Scuola di Robotica where he carries out courses for teachers and students of educational robotics and software developer on humanoid robots (NAO, Pepper, Sanbot, etc).

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