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Saturday 13 October
From 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Room 8 pav. 8

Luca Petrini Rossi (Tecnorad) - Derek Paton (Zinwave)

Derek Paton Vice President – Sales and Business Development EMEA Zinwave

Derek has extensive knowledge of all the different coverage solutions available today and with the advent of LTE and 5G on the horizon providing In Building coverage is becoming a very important aspect of any network build plan. Offloading capacity from the macro networks is a vital part of network strategy as spectrum gets congested and users expectations rise in terms of bandwidth availability.

Derek has been involved with Telecom projects over the past 30 years working with various companies including Commscope, Mikom, ADC, LGC Wireless and Zinwave. During these years many in building coverage projects including Petronas Towers, San Francisco International Airport, ICC Hong Kong, Sentosa Resort Singapore, MGM Macau have been successfully deployed using various in building solutions.

Derek has worked in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East designing and deploying over 300 projects.

LUCA PETRINI ROSSI - December 2005: accepted the position of Director of Sales with Tecnorad Italia S.p.A.:
- until the sale of the company's commercial branch in 2015, managed the company's assets, consisting of sale and purchase contracts of the mobile telephony customers and of the broadcast world on the telecommunication infrastructures;
- directly managed the relations with the operators (Vodafone, WIND-3, Ericsson, Telecom Italia, Linkem, NGI) both at the purchase office level and at the commercial level;
- the Purchasing Department also reports to him; is directly responsible for this department as well as for interacting with the suppliers involved, also in partnership activities for customer-oriented projects;
- in the area of Building Automation, participated in the establishment of a working group within Tecnorad which dealt initially with energy efficiency increase and later with services linked to the Building Management System (BMS). Contributed to the acquisition of a strategic and prestigious international contract for the management and control of an HVAC system in a production plant in the tobacco sector in the Philippines;
- in the DAS (Distributed Antennas System) area, contributed to finalizing an exclusivity agreement for Italy with Zinwave, with which he periodically manages the communications and the sales and/or marketing relations;
- maintains relations with the broadcast operators within Italy; for these Customers, he also manages site services, both those of professional nature and those of installation and maintenance;
- promotes and concludes partnership agreements and develops framework agreements with the main operators in the TLC and building automation areas;
- coordinates and administers the activities in the service area, with special reference to the following activities: participation in tenders in the public and private sectors; participation in calls for tenders, in particular those concerning radio networks, remote control for ACEA; organization of activities when participating in the sector's trade fairs, in order to establish and strengthen contacts and promote the company;
- in addition, in the context of services, performs consulting activities in the area of valuation of the assets of groups listed in the stock exchanges which own the national radio broadcasters.

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