Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Arm Control

The aim of the workshop is to show the arm control project of a humanoid robot using two Tactigon SKIN (T-SKIN) devices. Through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy communication and the writing of an Arduino sketch, it will be possible to interface and control the two arms of the biped robot. The T-SKIN system becomes so useful, also from an educational point of view, for all those projects where the recognition of movements is important. The project can therefore be extended with other sensors and expanded with new types of movement recognition.

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Saturday 13 October
From 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Room 8 pav. 8
Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Arm Control

Massimiliano Bellino

I was born in 1974, and I have always been busy with technology. I spent my childhood playing with the Commodore 64 and programming in Basic until I got to the world of microcontrollers that I’ve always loved as well as robotics. I'm CEO of company

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