Global Social World Reference by Market Sector

Everybody is talking about Artificial intelligence. Everybody wants to get hands on AI, Just few concentrate on curated datasets and well
organized Big Data with a specialized focus on market sectors. Market sectors analysis are mostly done on request
or using difficult platforms where technical and specific knowledge is required just to search for data.
Do we really know the broad world of our market sector enough to make right searches and insights?
Companies strive to find new market insights as new competitors, new type of products and the interest of customers divided by nationality or even by cities.
We give Companies the possibilities to find all those information on our platform.

Tutti gli orari

Saturday 13 October
From 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Room 5 pav.5
Global Social World Reference by Market Sector

Luca Adamo (SUMM.AI)

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Big Data treatment, format on Machine Learning. Good experience in leading startup team, based on Lean methodology. Interaction Designer specialized in analysis and development necessary for innovative and effective UX and UI.
The analyzes performed at the beginning of the project for the study of the reference user are enriched with the creation of frameworks and mockups that allow the organization and the developers to understand the project already in the early stages of development.
Gamification experiences.

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