Careables - a platform for DIY solutions for Health & Care

Bottom-up digital social innovations are on the rise, even so in healthcare. Innovators, users and communities in healthcare are starting to collaborate by using digital technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of needs.
Citizens experience the accessibility to healthcare services and products differently, sometimes facing complex obstacles to overcome.
These barriers can be: too expensive solutions, lack of functionality, not aesthetically appealing, not durable or re-designable.
Careables provides citizens with the possibility to co-produce custom-made healthcare solutions that improve their quality of life. The Careables platform supports the connection made between users, healthcare professionals and makers to start the co-production of healthcare solutions.

Tutti gli orari

Friday 12 October
From 5.45 pm to 6.15 pm
Room 20 Sala Livia pav. 10
Careables - a platform for DIY solutions for Health & Care

Enrico Bassi

I worked as Fab Lab manager since 2011, when I coordinated the first Italian Fab Lab; Fab Lab Italia. After that I worked for two years as coordinator and president of Fab Lab Torino, a lab supported by Officine Arduino.
I completed the "Fab Academy" in 2015, the international course about digital fabrication, held by the founder of Fab Labs and professor at MIT, Neil Gershenfeld. In 2016 I became Instructor and Global evaluator for the Fab Academy.
I'm also teaching “digital fabrication” in NABA (Design academy in Milan), Domus Academy (design master in Milan), SUPSI (Interaction Design Master in Lugano) and LABA (Design academy in Brescia). I coordinate Fab Lab Opendot in Milan, in particular managing national and international projects, such as Made 4 You, a EU H2020 project for the development of a platform to collect and share, opensource, easy to replicate, customizable products codesigned with people facing physical limitation.

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