The RoboCup in Italy

The RoboCup is an international organization that promotes robotics and artificial intelligence, born with the goal of play a soccer match between robots and humans, before 2050. It is divided into Major and Junior, both divided into various categories.
Italy took part in this project from the beginning, hosting one of the first editions in Padua in 2003, the presidency was several years Italian, with prof. Daniele Nardi of Sapienza of Rome
Currently the role of our country has been relaunched, with the organization of the recent RoboCup Junior European Championship championship in Montesilvano.
The purpose of the presentation is to disseminate the mission and the structure of RoboCup to enrich the community, proposing activities for those wishing to approach for the first time.

Tutti gli orari

Saturday 13 October
From 3.30 pm to 4.45 pm
Room 19 Sala Euphemia pav. 10
The RoboCup in Italy

Raimondo Sgrò, Luca Iocchi

Luca Iocchi was born in 1970, he graduated with honors degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1989 and the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering) in 1995. From 1/10/2011 he is Associate Professor at the same University, belongs to the Department of Automatic Computer Engineering and Management and to the Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics.
He carried out research as a scientific visitor to important national and international institutes between 1998 and 2005. The research activity is focused on the methodological, theoretical and applicative aspects of artificial intelligence, the representation of knowledge and perception, applied in a particular way to the problems of mobile robotics and artificial vision and the development of intelligent systems operating in real environments. The results of the research carried out have been published in over 100 articles in international and national journals and conference proceedings.
He has received 4 best-paper and top-paper awards and 1 prize for the best robotics demo at AAMAS 2008. He has been speaker of seminars in Italy and abroad, organizer of workshops and special issues, reviewer of international journals in the field artificial intelligence, robotics and multi-agent systems, program chair of the RoboCup Symposium 2008, and in the program committee of the most important international conferences, including IJCAI, AAAI, AAMAS, ICRA, IROS, as well as several other smaller conferences . He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the RoboCup Federation and in the executive committee of the international scientific competitionRoboCup @ Home.
He has participated in numerous national and international projects since 1998 and has numerous collaborations with Italian and foreign research groups and numerous companies that produce technological products, especially in the fields of security, surveillance and environmental monitoring.
Raimondo Sgrò: Born in Locri on 12/03/73, Electronic Expert, graduate in Physics at the University of Milan with 107/110. Teacher of Electronics, freelancer, designer of electronic systems, currently in service at ITI Cobianchi of Verbania
   In the field of teaching he was involved in orientation, internships and apprenticeships, quality systems, referent for School-Work Alternation projects. Since 2004 he has developed projects of Educational Robotics, and then in 2009 take part in the robotic competitions as a mentor. In participating in national and international competitions, its teams have achieved important results, including four Italian titles and three world titles.
In 2014 he is part of the founding group of the non-profit association Elettra Robotics Lab, which promotes robotics, youth insertion in the world of work and the valorisation of merit.
   Since 2015 he is National Representative for RoboCup Junior for Italy, in this capacity he has promoted international events and new experimental categories for the Soccer section.
  In 2018 he was co-chair of the RoboCup Junior European Championship event.

Luca Iocchi: Professor at the La Sapienza University of Rome.
National Representative for RoboCup for Italy for the Major section.

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