Thermocomposting plant for heat energy extraction from wood waste

The workshop on the thermocomposting system realization will demonstrate how wood waste can be valorized with multiple associated benefits before, during and after the process. BEFORE the useless and bulky wood waste obtains a proper destination and is converted in compost that AFTER is an important; water retention enhancer, CO2 sequester and soil fertilizer. DURING the two phases the thermocomposting system is capable to naturally generate with no combustion heat that can be used for home and greenhouse heating.

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Friday 12 October
From 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Room 18 SC3
Sunday 14 October
From 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Room 17 SC3
Thermocomposting plant for heat energy extraction from wood waste

Saverio Danubio, Paolo Zampieri, Stefano Plescia

Saverio Danubio: Industrial Biotechnologist with focus on the valorization of natural resources for bio-productions
Paolo Zampieri: Environmental Engineer with master thesis on thermocomposting system in collaboration with Polytechnic University of Milan
Stefano Plescia: Expert in thermohydraulic and renewable energy plants with more than 10 years experience

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