Opening Event – Groundbreakers: Pioneers of the Future

MFR18OC - Friday 12 October @ 10:30 - Fiera di Roma Nord Entrance - Via Portuense 1645-1647- ( Padiglione 10 - Room1 Sala Alibrandi)

The outstanding Opening Event of Maker faire Rome – The European Edition, is back! Hosted by Riccardo Luna, the opening is the occasion to take stock of what’s next together with those makers who are building our future by combining ingenuity and passion. “Groundbreakers, pioneers, innovators” is this year’s headline to celebrate those who are creating today the everyday technology of tomorrow.

This year two generations of groundbreakers  on the stage to accompany the audience through an amazing journey covering topics like space travel, robotics for human health, artificial intelligence and art, the new frontiers of industry and of the maker movement, to end up with the circular economy issue.

The guests include: Massimo Banzi, curator of Maker Faire Rome with a speech about “Democratizing Industry 4.0″; Don Eyles – MIT programmer and engineer – who crafted software for all the Apollo lunar landing missions with the just-invented Apollo Guidance Computer. He will explain the intricacies of controlling vehicles using software.

And then A-MINT_Artificial_Musical_Intelligence, unedited algorithmic musical improvisation in an artistic, technological project, created with Rome Tre University, presented by Alex Braga, who will duet with the great pianist and composer Francesco Tristano.

 “IoT, Industry 4.0 and Fabrication

  • Massimo Banzi, curator of the Maker Faire Rome and founder of Arduino, presenting “Democratizing Industry 4.0
  • Gabriele Braga, Director of Engineering Arrow
    • Emilia 4, the winning car in the Cruiser category of the American Solar Challenge
    • Limix with the Talking hands project (winner of R.O.M.E Prize 2016)
  • Francisco Gomez Paz, 2011 Golden Compass


  • Cristina Cipriano, Independent Researcher – Binomica Labs, presenting “Makers vs scientists: clever instruments for complex challenges
  • Sara Roversi, Future Food Institute, and Joseph Puglisi, Professor of the Department of Structural Biology at the University of Stanford/ Beyond Meat

“Making Apollo”

  • Don Eyles, the engineer who programmed the landing code for the Apollo program
  • Mark Hempsell, The British Interplanetary Society

“Robotics 4 Health”

  • Bruno Siciliano, curator of the Robotics Section and is Director of the Interdepartmental Center for Advances in RObotic Surgery (ICAROS), as well as of the Laboratory of Robotics Projects for Industry, Services and Mechatronics (PRISMA Lab), at University of Naples Federico II.
  • Domenico Prattichizzo, Professor of Robotics and Haptics at the University of Siena, together with Alessandro Bondi, protagonist of the video “The Robotic Sixth Finger”
  • Alberto Arezzo, Associate Professor at the University of Turin, Department of Surgery, and President of the “International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology” board

“Circular Economy”

  • Claudio Descalzi, Chief Executive Officer of Eni
  • Daniele Moretti, a Sky TG24 journalist, who will present the documentary “Un mare da salvare – Lo stato dell’artico (An ocean to be saved – the state of the Arctic)”, produced using cameras with 360° vision.
  • Rafafele Imbò, video maker
  • Gaudats Junk Band, a band who perform using recycled instruments

  “Artificial Intelligence”

  • Marco Gori, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Siena
  • Lorenzo Brusci with Musi-co, AI generative music
  • A-MINT_Artificial_Musical_Intelligence, a project created with Roma Tre University by Alex Braga, who will perform a duet with the pianist and composer Francesco Tristano