This year we wanted Maker Faire Rome not to be only a point of arrival for those who exhibited their projects, but a real kick off.

The contest are special initiatives aimed to enhancing and rewarding the best projects on some specific themes.

A public and tangible recognition of the value of the maker projects exhibited during the event.

Here are the contests for this edition:

MakeIn’Africa: a prize to Makers that propose solutions that improve the quality of life on the African Continent.

Promoted by: Eni

The contest: MakeIn’Africa aims to support and disseminate the implementation of innovative technological solutions to support access to energy, a circular economy and energy efficiency on the African continent.

Participation: to take part in the Contest it was necessary to submit your application, by September 10 2018. The projects submitted to Call for Maker 2018 at Maker Faire Rome has automatically taken part.

Take a look of the winners


Make To Care: an award to Makers that help overcoming disability. 

Promoted by: Sanofi Genzyme

The contest: the award stems from the desire to bring out and facilitate the implementation, along with the dissemination, of innovative and useful solutions to meet the real needs of people who have any form of disability, as any sharp decrease in the quality of life due to diseases and/or traumatic events.

Participation: projects were selected by the Scientific Secretariat within the Call for Maker procedure of the 2018 Edition of Maker Faire Rome.

Info and rules: