Call for Space

Space has always been the ultimate frontier for imagination and exploration, and also for intelligence, innovation and creativity. It has been a source of inspiration and is still a topic which attracts people of all ages, in addition to being a vital technological reality in our lifetimes.

Recent years have seen an increasing number of new proposals which are changing the way we access space and make use of its benefits.

In this context, the Call for Space is open, a special section of the Maker Faire Rome offering anyone who has developed ideas, prototypes and projects in the space sector a chance to present their achievements to the public.

To present the projects it is necessary to participate in the Call for Makers.

Today, anyone can be a protagonist in this sector in its various forms: manned missions, robotic exploration of the solar system, observing Earth, fundamental science, biomedical research and education. This has been made possible largely by its inherent inter-disciplinary nature, which includes all human knowledge, including humanistic knowledge, and also modern technologies which enable individuals to propose experiments, ideas and solutions for participation in the visions offered by this frontier.

The Call for Space offers a unique opportunity to present one’s achievements and discuss them in the vivid and vital context of Maker Faire Rome.

Maker Faire Rome 2018  will host a celebratory section with the aim of connecting today’s Makers for space with those of yesterday. The central nucleus of this section will be an area reserved for space containing a celebration of the makers of the Apollo Program, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary (culminating in the anniversary of the first man on the moon in July 2019), and the Italian makers who produced with typical inventiveness and art the array of the first series of San Marco satellites.

The Makers for Space will be able to display their own creations around and in contact with this section, discussing them with the public, interacting and possibly even creating new collaborations leading to new developments.

Makers for Space is a unique opportunity to celebrate the Makers for Space of yesterday and present those of today, whose inventiveness will be to the benefit of everyone. It will be a chance to understand the technologies available for these creations and learn about the opportunities that the sector offers on a small scale. It will be a chance to talk about space in a practical way, meeting the protagonists of the past and discovering the inventors of today, contributing with all the Makers to a future which is already ongoing.

>>> Submit your project by July 7