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Maker Faire Rome is the most important European exhibition dedicated to innovation and digital manufacturing and provides a major opportunity for companies and institutions to promote products services and come into contact with wide-ranging and skilled participants.

Participants are interested in discovering everything that is creativity and innovation: fablab and digital manufacturing, robots and drones, augmented and virtual reality , digital and electrical products, 3D Printing and laser cutting system, science and bioscience, automation and artificial intelligence, craftsmanship and innovative DIY, processes for industry 4.0, IoT connection systems, food and future, food and agriculture, wellness and healty, design, transport, interaction, design, fashion and wearables, music and entertainment, scientific games and educational robotics, reuse and recycling and greentech. 

Why become a Partner?

  • To develop your business and meet the experts in the filed;
  • Give your company maximum exposure by entering a marketing virtuous process
  • Meet a great deal of participants, including professionals, young people and students during the event.
  • Let your brand be seen as new, different, fresh and original.
  • Open up a lasting exchange with an international movement – the Makers – who are present in 120 nations.
  • Increase brand awareness among target consumers.
  • To better define projects and products, in an ever-changing industry, thanking to the presence of partners and qualified visitors.
  • To participate in the development of ideas and innovative contents of the fourth industrial revolution.

Available Sponsors packages

The event offers various ways to become a partner thanks to its approach geared to enhance the presence of individual businesses or organisations by creating a single narrative with high engagement both Onsite and Online. For further informations contact us by filling the form below. 

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