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Soun maker
The Ultrasound sound system uses an ultrasonic technology instead of physical buttons to control the various functionalities of the reader.
  C11 (pav. 4) - IIS Pacinotti-Archimede - Roma

Classi terza quarta quinta manutentori elettrici elettronici dell'Ipsia G. Ceconi Gruppo "latuaideadimpresa" simulazione startup.
The Universal Remote Controller is a glove with sensors that controls up to 5 axles devices through a wireless signal.

classe ITS V, 2015-2017, corso ITS - sede decentrata di Fossano (CN)
Vallbot is robot using three omni-directional wheels, moving in the surrounding space upon a big sphere.
  C13 (pav. 4) - ITS Aerospazio/Meccatronica Piemonte - Torino

Federica Vadalà. Scuola: ITIS "Ascanio Sobrero" indirizzo Perito Elettronico e Telecomunicazioni. Classe 5°AE
WACS (Wireless Access Control Systems) consists of a prototype of a safe-controlled "electronic cards" with RFID technology.
  E19 (pav. 4) - ITIS A. Sobrero - Casale Monferrato

Secondo anno del percorso post diploma ITS Meccatronico Veneto sede di Treviso. Gruppo team working 6
The most compact wind generator with autoadjust of the blade’s incidence and yaw.
  B6 (pav. 4) - ITS Meccatronico Veneto - Vicenza
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