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Helios RTH
Helios RTH

Helios RTH

Helios is a unique and innovative educational project ideated and developed by consociated high school students. It consists in a set of iterative design activities with the purpose of sending balloons and related payloads in the stratosphere, taking images of the earth and collecting physical data.
Each “iteration" create a new payload, a new data acquisition system, telemetry and remote control (new HW & SW), more advanced than those used in previous iterations.
After a series of launches and related recoveries, today we are able to launch in the stratospherre a special glider able to return to the launch point in a completely autonomous mode.
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Helios RTH

Gli Stratosferici - (IS Rampone - IIS Vittorio Emanuele II)

“Gli stratosferici” is a group formed by Prof. Amedeo Lepore, high school students from various classes and institutes, and enthusiastic makers who collaborate on various iterations and various launches of the Helios project (

Stand D21 (pav. 4) - IS Palmieri-Rampone-Polo - Benevento

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